KEP Nuclear designs and manufactures innovative, robust and reliable solutions for radioactive material characterization based on the measurement of the thermal energy (heat) they evolve.


A standard product catalogue for large volume calorimeters, marketed under the brand name SETARAM, is available. Their measurement chambers range from 3.3 to 385 liters to fit with different types of container dimensions.


Additionally, custom designed calorimeters are developed to adapt their detection limits, measurement times and volumes to specific customer requirements. Preliminary modeling of the measurement stations and their environment can be conducted to consider the contribution of α, β, gamma-heating to the thermal energy.


Some benefits offered by calorimetric measurements:

  • Direct, non-destructive method
  • Very accurate quantification
  • Matrix, material, packaging independent measurements
  • The heat from the entire item is measured (independently of the source location)

Calorimetry is involved in – but not limited to! –  the ASTM C1458: standard method for the Nondestructive Assay of Plutonium, Tritium and 241Am by Calorimetric Assay.



Currently available standard calorimeters: