KEP Nuclear puts its capacities to design complete measurement and characterisation systems of nuclear material and waste to the nuclear operators,  supervisor, and all stakeholders in the nuclear industry.

The design of measurement systems integrates :

  • The definition and development of optimized measurement solution,
  • Taking into account the requirements in nuclear safety,
  • The automation, the robotisation,  the conveying of the radioactive material to limit the radiological exposure of workers,
  • Managing by supervising the different equipment.


Complete solutions

KEP Nuclear takes over the complete project including the following phases:



KEP Nuclear operates in phases of preliminary design and Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and during execution studies supporting supervisor.
We choose and design measurement instruments which are integrated in the measurement/characterization chain if needed.

Our teams study the line automation choosing the manual handling or automated mean. They develop the control-command system and the related man/machinery interface. They assembly and qualify the equipment which is delivered at the factory, set up, commissioned and validated on site.


A synergy of skills

KEP Nuclear’s teams take charge of :

  • Project management,
  • Expertise in nuclear measurement,
  • Expertise in  nuclear safety,
  • Site management,
  • Industrial computing and supervision,
  • The mounting and  the qualification.

Additionally to its proper technical and scientific expertise, KEP Nuclear can rely on the support of the group’s human/material/technical resources.

KEP Technologies is a medium-sized company achieving a turnover amounting to 65 M€. It employs 500 people. Created in 1996, it is permanently oriented to the development of advanced technologies and to niche business with high added values.


KEP Technologies’ research centre located in Caluire near Lyon is a determinant element for the Group’s offer through the various proposed skills.

It operates tranversally on all activies of the Group including KEP Nuclear’s activities related to engineering, measurement or instrumentation, to complex project management.
The teams of the R&D Centre stand for 10% of total Group’s staff operates on :

  • Electronic engineering (hardware et software),
  • Industrial computing, control-command system, supervision,
  • Mechanical engineering (designing parts and assemblies),
  • Robotics,
  • Solutions for measurements and controls for industrial or scientific purposes,
  • Developing software.

We uses ISO9001-2015 quality  standards. Our staff has a secret defense clearance and a CEFRI clearance too.