KEP Nuclear implements all skills and all resources and means to advise and to assist its customers in any kind of expertise, definition/design/dimensioning studies in  nuclear measurement solutions.


Teams consist of engineers doctor of nuclear physics supervised by experts in instrumentation, nuclear measure, safety. From a material or waste characterization problematic, they define the technologies adapted to the treatment/transport or storage constraints.


Our solutions are adapted to all types of radioelements including plutonium and its isotops, americium and 14C, 36Cl, 90Sr. We also have a specific expertise for the tritium measurement (liquid or gas).
KEP Nuclear uses up-to-date and effective computing software such as MCNPX, Tripoli 4.4.2, géant4, Mercure6. Thus we can lead successfully radiological modeling for the definition of measurement stations.


Our expertise also relies on special R&D partnership with the leading operators in the nuclear fusion research in France and abroad.

The most up-dated studies carried out and to be mentioned are :

  • Impact assessment of gamma ray on a measurement device,
  • Dimensioning study of a measurement device for the radioactive cinders from an incineration process,
  • Definition study of a measurement device for the characterisation of molten debris of the reactor building in Fukushima,
  • Feasability study for using calorimetry in the measurement of the Tritium activity of the ITER Tokamak divertors.


Modeling of measurement station