The Group

A true industrial project

Since its creation in 1996, KEP Technologies group has continually been focused towards the development of leading edge industrial technology and high added value niche activities.

It offers a range of products, skills and innovative solutions to the markets of the biggest aeronautics and space* groups, to the nuclear and renewables industries, to the chemical industry, the food industry, the medical equipment sector and to the biggest scientific research laboratories.

KEP Technologies focuses on the manufacture of electronic and/or mechanical parts and subassemblies, on the development of industrial solutions, on the study and manufacture of measurement, control and test instrumentation.

Management by a majority family shareholding has allowed regular and profitable growth of the activity possible: there have been fifteen profitable years out of sixteen and an investment capacity of 2.5 million euros per year.

The group’s teams are highly involved in R&D. A research centre located in Caluire, near Lyon, has all the resources needed to develop and test innovative solutions thereby meeting customer expectations. The products and services are of a high quality, backed by multiple certifications.

The diversification of the group’s activities – its main market, aeronautics, only represents 30% of the turnover – and the relative independence of the French and even European markets -the proportion of exports has risen from 46 to 56% in three years and is targeted to rise to 60% in the coming years – contributes decisively to the good health of KEP Technologies and its dynamism in an economically difficult period.

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  • Its teams’ recognised skills and potential for innovation. They have been immersed in high technology for many years.
  • The capacity to intervene anywhere along development cycle – integration – production chain, thanks to the support of a powerful R&D centre.
  • The economic and technical potential to carry out long term projects in partnerships with its customers, and even make joint patent applications.
* KEP Technologies is a member of