A global market approach

KEP Technologies’ horizon is, of course, international.The proposed products and services cover a wide variety of markets, and most of the major customers are spread over the globe.

The adaptation to this situation is developed along three main lines:

A tight and diversified sales coverage related to the significant number of sales made abroad,over 50% of the turnover is exported, reaching 80% for certain activities, such as instrumentation.Today the group has a direct presence in four major zones: Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, Scandinavia), the United States, Russia and China. Set up in 2008, the Chinese representation has ten people in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. There is a total of over 60 agents or distributors representing KEP Technologies in the world, some of them for more than 20 years.

Industrial deployment adapted to market changes. Currently the group has been operating in Morocco (Casablanca) for metal work for 6 years. There have been industrial experiments in the United States and India.


The capacity and desire to quickly adapt the group’s international operation to the requirements of globalisation. This is how new sales and industrial sites, either direct or in partnership with local operators are under study. Supported in this by its customers, KEP Technologies accompanies them in the development of their activities, either in the case of compensation contracts, or by the creation of local supply chains.