Innovative Gamma Spectrometry

KEP Nuclear designs and integrates gamma spectrometry systems in order to meet its customers’ requirements. Its products range from inorganic scintillation detectors (NaI, LaBr3) to semiconductor detectors (CZT, Germanium).


KEP Nuclear operates its expertise and assistance on :

  • Choosing the type of detector,
  • Dimensioning the detector,
  • Choosing processing electronics,
  • Choosing the cooling system,
  • Dimensioning the shielding, the collimation and attenuation shields,
  • Designing mechanical systems (drum rotating plate and supporting).


Our systems are developed to meet 3 essential criteria :

  • High performance,
  • Economic competitiveness,
  • Robustness.



Mobile cart for gamma spectrometry measurements of various containers


Mobile cart
















Schematic representation of the measurement of the 4 lateral face of a 5m3 type container