Neutron counting

KEP Nuclear develops neutron counting stations (coincidences or total) fit to specific customer’s requirements.
Thanks to digital modeling, the item characteristics are defined according to the needs :

  • Type and number of detectors,
  • Used material,
  • Characteristics (efficiency and output).


3He Tubes

Thoses neutron counting stations are suitable for :

  • Measurements in order to nuclear material follow-up in the production processes or the fuel cycle treatment,
  • Measurements for nuclear material inventory,
  • Curium inventory in the wastes from nuclear spent fuel treatment (spontaneous neutron emitting mainly due to Curium isotops 242 and 244),
  • The assay of alpha activity in the large volume or/and high density radioactive wastes (gamma spectrometry non available in this case).

We have been developing innovative and specific solutions. We also ensure the definition of mechanical parts, distribution, control-command system and supervision.

3D views of a neutron counting station