NUCAR 2019

14th Biennial DAE-BRN Symposium on NUCLEAR AND RADIOCHEMISTRY (NUCAR-2019)

NUCAR Symposium is one of the major meetings of BRNSin the field of “Nuclear & Radiochemistry and it is organized once two years. It covers a wide range of topics ( as per the scope) like nuclear and radiochemistry, chemistry of actinides & fission products, nuclear & radioanalytical techniques, applications of radioisotopes in industries, healthcare and agriculture, radiation technology, spectroscopy of actinides, environmental radioactivity, nuclear instrumentation& nuclear forensics. Technical program covers talks and presentations on both front end and back end of nuclear fuel cycle of atomic energy program. The NUCAR symposium is one of the oldest and prestigious symposia of DAE that is fully funded by BRNS. The conference will be extremely useful in the sense that it will be attended byscientists from National Laboratories, Universities and Research Institutes from India and abroad and will provide a platform for effective interaction among the scientists engaged in research in the areas of nuclear and radiochemistry and applications of radioisotopes.

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